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start of something good: a jim & pam fanmix

oh noes! not another jim/pam fanmix! =p

sorry, guys. most of you are probably tired of seeing them, but i just had to make one, too because i still can't get over how awesome the season finale was. so, here it is and i hope you like it!

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"If he never comes back again, that’s okay..
We just.. We never got the timing right. You know?
I shot him down, and then he did the same to me."

so sorry [feist]
we're slaves to our impulses / we're afraid of our emotions
and no one knows where the shore is / we're divided by the ocean

to be myself completely [belle & sebastian]
though we say goodbye and wonder / what's to know and who's to blame
but to be myself completely / i will love you just the same

against all odds [the postal service]
but take a look at me now / there's just an empty space
and you coming back to me is against the odds / and that's what i've gotta face


"Even though I came back, I just feel like I’ve never really come back."
"Well, I wish you would."

back to you [john mayer]
back to you / it always comes around
back to you / i tried to forget you
i tried to stay away / but it's too late

i want it back [the kooks]
well yes i want it back / yes i want you back
please give it me back / cause i want your love

breathless [corinne bailey rae]
and you know i can't promise you things / will turn out fine
but i have to be honest / i want you to be mine


"Pam. Um, are you free for dinner tonight?"
"All right. Then, it’s a date."

follow through [gavin degraw]
this is the start of something good / don't you agree?
i haven't felt like this in so many moons / you know what i mean?

speak easy [maria taylor]
and through the darkness of the night / we'll watch our future shining bright
and out of everyone i've met / it's you i can't forget

everything [michael bublé]
whatever comes our way / ah, we'll see it through
and you know / that's what our love can do

>> Download all the songs in a zip file HERE.
>> As always, comments are appreciated. :)

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